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JKgraphiks Process

The principle of my process is used throughout most aspects of design and development when you hire JKgraphiks, initially we do go through the analysis. I need to know what you think. What you want. What your venture is. This step is not be underestimated. It ensures that when I start your process, we both know what we are doing and expecting. Then we go through the four phases.

Design Phase

Depending on the service, I create 3 entirely different but equally high quality designs for your website. These design contrast in colour, layout, structure and appeal. It gives us a great starting point to start shifting ideas and elements around. We can mix and match any element from any design to get a firm foundation. Then we have revisions on that design, tweaking the idea and pushing its boundaries.

We don't stop till your 100% happy with the design! This usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Coding Phase

Once the design is settled, I start making that design into reality. In about 1 to 2 weeks I will have the template for your website sorted. This page with its style and layout will act as the base for your whole site.

All coding work is done to HTML 4.01 Transitional specification, meaning it is standards compliant.

All images used are processed to be extra sharp, and super fast loading using my special exporting techniques.

Content Phase

Here we add all the content, you as the client would have been instructed as to all the pages and information we need.

Images will be carefully chosen that represent your business or the topic that is being discussed. They can either be sourced from stock photography sites, or taken by a photographer, or even by yourself, an employee, or some pictures that you already have on file.

Final Phase

Here we check compatibility across all modern browsers, making sure your site is constant to all your viewers, regardless of what browser they are looking at your site through.

We also double check all your content, to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, and finishing tweaks are accepted at this stage.

Only when the site is perfect on all platforms, and looks amazing will we set it live!

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