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Print is not dead.

Most people in my position would say quite the opposite, but I am not trying to make a quick buck here! Its proven that printed media, when used well, is both invaluable and essential!

The web and print can attract different target markets and audiences. So when used as a two pronged media attack, it's proven very successful and compliment each other.

Business cards and stationery

A great quality, perfectly designed business card is a subtle message to your clients or target market that you care about the small details. It not only carries all your details, but also creates an impression of the nature of your business. Carrying this message across all your stationary keeps the brand and quality constant.

Banner Stands

Whether your business is exhibiting or you need a banner stand for your premises, a well positioned and perfectly sized portable advert for your business is a striking and attention grabbing feature. JKgraphiks can design your banner stand, and have a great local supplier in Hull who can print them, all for a very competitive price, starting from £130!


Leaflets can be a fantastic promotional tool, but only when used well. JKgraphiks can use their design process to create a stunning double sided leaflet, impelling its viewers to contact you, fill out a form or whatever call to action you may require, a sample price could be 2500 leaflets for £180.

More info on the prices page.

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