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How to get real results from your website.

How do you know if your site is successful or not? If you are not a sales oriented business it can be tricky, and even if you are, the bottom line doesn't tell the whole story.

Having a website live is only half of the battle! The website is up there for a reason, and if it doesn't accomplish it's purpose then their is a problem.

There is no quick fix for SEO, and this page isn't advertising a wondrous solution, it takes time and effort, but I'm up for it if you are!

Getting your site to pay for itself.

This aspect is the most important. Hands down. You need your website to perform. If you are an online shop, you want to increase sales. If you are an informative site, you want to make sure your content is being viewed and understood. If you are a charitable organisation, you may want donations.

What ever the aim of your site, getting the pay back from it, in what ever form is essential! Here are four ways, in no particular order, to make you think about your current site, or things to bear in mind when creating a new one.

Measure and React

With an analytics package installed we can view where your clients are from, when they access your site, at what page they access your site, where they came from, and the most important factor: what page they left at.

If we can see what page people are leaving your site at, we can address that page and fix any potential issues. What if your clients are leaving your site on the checkout page? Think of the sales you may be losing.

Calls to Action

Your users are not mind readers. A call to action does what it says on the tin: Click Here, Sign Up for this, Read that, Buy Now, Call Us. They are all calls to action that make it really easy to encourage for your target market to do what you need them to.

Having consistent and positive calls to action on your site turn visitors into customers!

Clear Layout

Cluttered websites detract from your message. Again, this applies across the board, what ever sector your website falls into. This not only comes down to good design, but crucially the content. We can work on the copy together, but primarily this is your domain. You know your business and your industry. Together we craft your words to both stand out from the crowd and impel your audience to act.

Simple and User Friendly

The way a customer moves around your site needs to be logical. No area of your site should be more than two clicks away. I use simple rules and guidelines to keep all your pages accessible, not only to users, but also search engines. JKgraphiks use site maps to allow an overview of your whole site with one click.

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