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Mobile Web Design, East Yorkshire

Mobile Website Design

JKgraphiks provide professional mobile website design in the East Yorkshire area.

This area of web design is often neglected by other web design companies, but having a website that performs on any device, anywhere, in the palm of your users hand is very important.

Most developers don't design for mobiles because they don't know how! It is a specialised area that I have done a lot of research in, and have an expanding portfolio for.

Having a site that works on a range of platforms is a must, and JKgraphiks can provide this locally at a very reasonable price.

Why Design for Mobiles?

Nearly 3 billion mobile devices can access the internet, and that number is growing! Sources say that by 2013, there will be more mobile devices that access the internet than there will be desktops and laptops!

There are many major differences between designing for the desktop and mobile devices. I bare in mind the following:

  • Use images sparingly.
  • Keep it simple and legible.
  • Cater for a variety of screen sizes.
  • Keep content easy to get to.
  • Compliant with mobile standards.
  • Test, test, test again!

Re-use your content

The great thing about catering for your mobile visitors is not only that you have increased traffic and a more useful site, but that you don't have to do anything!

All we do is pull from your site the existing content, assuming that your information is just as relevant.

This means that I can just get on with making your site, checking in with you at intervals to make sure you are completely happy with the development.

For more intense projects, we may use the website process to ensure quick, on budget delivery.

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